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by Konstantin Tabere

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KoschtIT Image Gallery is a free and open-source image gallery PHP-script. It can be used to add image galleries to existing webpages very easily. The appearance of each gallery can be individually customized. The only prerequisite for using the script is PHP5 with GD2 support. The pictures aren't displayed in an extra window, instead they are opened directly on top of your HTML document. Therefore your website background gets shaded.
There is also an admin panel, which enables the site administrator to write picture comments and edit gallery settings. Gallery visitors can write viewer comments to any picture. Navigation via keyboard is available too. More features are: slidewhows, automatic thumb generation, image to window size reduction, image preloading, previews for the next/last picture, show geotagging information (via EXIF) ...


In order to get a first impression here you have a small demo. You can show single pictures as well as gather a set of pictures to a gallery.

Single pictures


More examples with webpages that use the script can be found in the forum.


KoschtIT Image Gallery v3.2


You can view a changelog of older releases in the changelog.txt inside the script-archive.

If you consider to make a donation, please use PayPal. Especially if you are using the script in a commercial project a donation would be strongly appreciated. Thanks. In case you don't have PayPal but still want to donate an amount, you can ask me for my banking details by writing to kkokus[a_t]web[do_t]de .


If you still have some questions you can use the comment functionality. You may also write me an email to kkokus[a_t]web[do_t]de . Just let me now what you think about the script. I appreciate every note.


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comment window sizeposted by morphi on 11/15/2014 morphi118[a_t]web[do_t]de


first of all, great great script! i love it!

but can u tell me, how to resize the comment window? i mean the pictures adapt on any resolution, but if i flip to comment window, it takes a standard size i guess. where to change that value?

best regards!

posted on 10/09/2014 wycliffe[do_t]ottawa[a_t]yahoo[do_t]com

hello the gallery shows double overlay images the problem comes from a conflict wit this style in twitter bootstrap
*, *:before, *:after {
box-sizing: border-box;

how do i work around this?

error in Koschtit Gallery Module opencartposted by Michael on 09/20/2014 michael[a_t]beeldsensatie[do_t]nl


i use the Koschtit Gallery Module but now i get a error.

when i change a picture and go a page forward i get the following error

Notice: Undefined offset: 24 in /home/sweetdel/domains/sweetdeluxe.nl/public_html/admin/view/template/line/kigallery_change.tpl on line 91

i look at the code in the file but i dont see any thing that it can fix it.

do you have a solution?

many thanks already.

Helloposted by Shahid on 09/06/2014 shahidr100[a_t]gmail[do_t]com

It is a wonderful script. I have installed the script in my localhost site and it works fine. However, I need few information to configure it according to my site.

First, I need to make the main gallery container to "float:left" as I have sidebars at the right side.
Secondly, I need to give a name to the albums in following manner:

Album Sub-Album
Name Name
2007-> "Visit to US"
"Visit to Canada"
"Visit to UK"

When I open gallery page i need two folders for example : year2007 and year 2009.
Under year 2007 I have three sub-albums as mentioned above.

There is no way I can name the album

Thanks a lot once again for such a wonderful gallery.

» Subfolders are not possible. In regards on float left did you try <div class="koschtitgallery" style="float:left;" title="..."></div> ?

please help me to installposted by Sergio Madariaga on 08/25/2014 smadariaga[a_t]gmail[do_t]com http://www.gode.cl/desarrollo

Your best gallery please, i have opencart 1.5 and i dont see the botons in to catalog "youy links galerry"
is posible to help me


Captionsposted by Heiko on 03/13/2014 heiko[do_t]b[a_t]gmx[do_t]com

Hi, I just installed the gallery but can´t find a caption option for the images.

TQ - in addition, how do i get to display the comments on the initial display page?posted by lee on 02/26/2014 mailtsjp[a_t]yahoo[do_t]co[do_t]jp

Dear Friends

Thank you for a brilliant gallery.
I like your advise how we can actually show the description in the easiest method ie. over the initial image or upon zoom in because currently i can only see the comments after going through the long process of zooming going to comment icon

Do advise anytime at mailtsjp@yahoo.co.jp otherwise

Gallery Issuesposted by Andra on 02/07/2014 for8aby[a_t]yahoo[do_t]com

Hey therem this is a great plugin but I'm having some issues with it. I have made some cahnges in ki_koschtit.php and now when I hover the mouse over an image the javascript is not working. Also, I need to put a color overlay over the image when mouse is hovered over and I want to add a border-radius to the gallery background. I did that once already, but can't find the location where to do it now. Help is very much appreciated and I am quite in a hurry :D Thanks!

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